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Entrepreneur +Startup Navigation

The unbridled optimism of an entrepreneur should never be stifled. These are the innovators and creative thinkers who are looking to make a difference in the world by transforming their dreams and big ideas into successful enterprises. We support entrepreneurs because we are entrepreneurs. That support takes many shapes: finding the right funding sources; setting up accounting and control procedures; management training; and many others. We’ll take care of the start-up details to help you build a solid organizational foundation in support of your entrepreneurial vision.

Strategic Development

The development of a solid strategic plan will set your organization up for long-term success. Strategic planning will allow you to analyze your business in the context of constantly changing economic and social variables, thereby informing the process that will guide you to a leadership position in your marketplace. Strategic development relies on both empirical and behavioral analyses to assess the internal and external factors that affect your business on a daily basis. At Northbound, we believe a strategic plan is a dynamic guide to success. Its bedrock principles will provide a strong base that also allows for flexibility to tolerate the constant challenges your business will face.

Project Development + Management

A successful project starts with a feasibility analysis and an honest budget development. We can help you define a project, produce timelines and action plans, track progress, and provide feedback. If requested, we can also take a more hands-on approach in the active management of your project. An independent, third-party facilitator can often help move a project along with a more objective approach.

Troubleshooting + Repair

Sometimes you just need a fresh outlook on an existing organization issue. Employee retention, debt analysis, budget variances, and product/service mixes are just a few examples of typical organizational pressures that can fester if not addressed responsibly and concisely. We can help you through these challenges with an eye towards systemic improvements in your operation.